Tech Startup Advice

With TechBooster we try to fill in the gap of decent technology advice for startups. We are passionate about increasing the success rate of startups by providing free advice and insights in how to set up your IT projects.

Minimising IT costs and project duration at an early stage is essential for a startup to succeed and grow fast. With a team of experienced application developers we can optimise your IT strategy and figure out how to start your business in an optimal way.

Our mission and vision come from our own experiences with building tech startups. We know what can go wrong and where you can save money and time. With our structural partner we can provide free advice and apply our experiences to your idea.

Free Technology Guidance

Are you wondering how to begin a technology project? Do you have questions about cost and duration? And most of all, what kind of application do you really need?

We at TechBooster can provide answers to your questions. Together we are going to look at your idea or project and find the most optimal solutions for your problems.

Reducing startup cost and duration is our main priority. Our goal is to provide solutions for your business logic as quickly and risk free as possible.

Interested in free tech advice?

Interested in free technological advice?

How do we work?

Analysing Business Logic
Analyse your business logic, pinpoint the essential hypotheses of your idea and transform them into small, high quality and cheap prototypes and MVPs.
Setup Development Plan
Set up a release plan of multiple updates with new features. With each new update you can learn and adapt according to the feedback of early adopters.
MVP & Prototype Development
We at TechBooster are experts in application development for web and mobile. Quickly build an MVP or prototype to test your hypotheses.
Learn From Early Adopters
Analyse the behaviour and feedback of your early adopters and implement it in the development plan for future updates.

Analyse Business Logic

Business logics are the foundation of every application. What needs will your application fulfil? What will your application do?

Young and first time entrepreneurs usually have big plans and idea’s for their application. But is it necessary to implement it all at once? Or could we just start with a few essential hypotheses and see how it is received?

Together with TechBooster you can analyse your business logic, pinpoint the essential hypotheses of your idea and transform them into small, high quality and cheap prototypes and MVP’s.


Development Planning

A quick and validated learning cycle is a must in today’s technology startup scene. We are going to plan the development of your application in smaller pieces, this way we can act fast accordingly to customer feedback.

Together we are going to define the most valuable hypotheses that your business logic contains and spread them out across different updates of your application.

We start with the most valuable hypothesis, once this is confirmed we can start and add more features and measure the customer’s behaviour. This way you can save precious time and money and pivot as early as possible.

MVP & Prototype Development

Our skills consist of everything that is needed for optimal web or mobile MVP and prototype development and design. We use the latest and greatest technologies for building our apps.

Together with our large number of technology development partners we can provide excellent proof of concepts in technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data.

Interested in MVP & prototype development?

Interested in MVP & prototype development?